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Online videos showcasing your products and engaging how-to tutorials posted on YouTube are a fantastic way to enhance your reputation as an expert in your field.

When a person clicks a link that drives them to your website, you have ONE opportunity to capture that visitor’s attention and explain to them why they should do business with you. Now what are you going to do?

Video Is The Secret

Back in the old days, producing and distributing TV-quality videos and commercials was too expensive for most small businesses to undertake. However, today things have changed dramatically with the advent of cheap HD video cameras and user-friendly editing software along with popular web platforms like YouTube designed for the masses. More and more “ordinary” people without big ad agencies or TV commercial budgets are creating good video content and uploading it onto the Internet to share it with the world. Using free tools like Apple iMovie and YouTube, practically anyone can distribute professional video and get their message out to the marketplace.

YouTube For Business

Would your product or service benefit from an awesome video demonstration? Could your marketing strategy include a viral video that gets you lots of extra exposure?

If you can create interesting visual and audio content that’s relevant to your products, it will attract ATTENTION in a crowded marketplace… and that attention will generate more traffic and ultimately lead to higher sales. And now with Promoted Videos getting placement in Google AdSense units around the web, there’s even more incentive to think about leveraging social video as a brand awareness tool.

The most obvious and frequent business use of YouTube is for marketing, but don’t overlook other ways in which your company can leverage YouTube. Informative videos related to the interests of your target market can build customer loyalty. Visual walkthroughs and e-learning tutorials could be a great boon to customer service. Videos of you and your team giving public presentations, speaking at conferences or engaging with the media will enhance your company’s reputation as an expert in your industry.

If you’re NOT using online video clips today, you’re living in the dark ages and you're missing out on an incredible opportunity. It's possibly the single most powerful, yet overlooked, marketing weapon in your arsenal. It allows small companies to look like the big boys.

So stop worrying about costs and thinking it's too difficult. Sure, it's not bargain basement cheap, and no, it's not as easy as shooting a home video of your kids playing in the yard, but you know what? All good things worth doing are never cheap or easy.

We can guarantee you one thing: one of your competitors is implementing video as we speak.

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