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There are a lot of websites out there selling the same thing you sell. To stand out from the crowd and attract customers your company needs to provide better-quality content.

Shoppers want fresh, useful, well-organized information to help them make informed buying decisions. Market studies show that good written content combined with multimedia builds trust with customers and keeps them coming back again and again. That kind of user loyalty translates to good word of mouth advertising, more visitors to your website, and more sales.

Which website would you trust more – one with just a few photos and pages of poorly written text and a credit card order form or one that's a leading resource in the industry with dozens of pages filled with up-to-date, relevant information presented in an entertaining style?

With the tremendous competition in today's global Internet marketplace, you have to go the extra mile and deliver more bang for the buck to beat your competitors. Remember, most people do NOT go online to buy. They go online looking for information or ways to solve a problem. Therefore, you need to focus on how your product or service will solve people's problems or make their lives better. Think like a customer: "What's in it for ME?"

You want your sales copy to emphasize the benefits of your product, not its features. What's the difference? Say, for example, you are selling laptop computers.

FEATURE: Intel Core Duo processor with 4 GB of RAM.
BENEFIT: Your programs load and run faster which saves you time and increases productivity!

Do you see the difference? You want your visitors to have a clear idea of how your product is going to help improve their lives -- because that is what's going to convince them to make a purchase.

The content on your company web pages and other marketing materials is a critical component to achieving success today. Investing in quality content now maximizes the revenue potential of your website for many years to come. Depending on what type of website you're operating, more content pages also mean more advertising real estate that can generate additional income in the form of banner ads and pay-per-click Google AdSense ads on your site that are suited to your audience's interests. This is particularly true with blogs that become popular and have thousands of page views per day.

Unfortunately, writing clever, succinct, compelling content can be difficult. Most business owners don’t have the time or energy to master the art of copywriting.

The content of your website needs to:

  • Immediately capture attention
  • Tell a good story
  • Compel the viewer to take action

Talented writers know how to do this. They can lead your visitors smoothly through the sales process. Never assume that your visitors will magically understand what you want them to do on your website -- you have to TELL them, and then make it easy for them to follow through with their purchase.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or just doctoring up what you currently have written, iScribePro can help you build a powerful web presence. Our experienced writers and editors can create customized content targeted for your type of business. We take care of your headlines, sales copy, product descriptions, company bio, special offers, your close — every aspect of your sales machine. We add a compelling “call to action” to drive new visitors to purchase your items or register with your organization. And last but not least, we fine-tune the tone of the copy so that it truly represents your company’s style and personality.

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